Your Divine Perfume Book

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Your Divine Perfume

PRE-ORDER. Your Divine Perfume is a soft-back, full colour 8in x 10in book designed to guide you on your own personal journey of self-awareness. The book includes poems, quotes, awareness exercises, meditations and journalling space alongside beautiful feminine photography that guides you to remember the infinite beauty of your own unique essence.

your divine perfume rose book

Back Page

Throughout history, the Rose has been dubbed the “Queen of Flowers”, but I would herald her the “Queen of Hearts” for her ability to gently nurture and heal our emotions, bring mental clarity and balance and precipitate the bursting of the banks of our long protected hearts.

The Rose invites you to surrender your control and trust that life is working “for” you; to face reality rather than avoid it; to “feel” the pain and not just “think about it” and most importantly of all, to re-connect with your inner well of love again. “What” we love is not nearly as important as the “act of loving” itself, because it is within the utter indulgence and totality of our loving attention and action that we receive the gift of remembering and experiencing our own true nature.

Your Divine Perfume offers you an opportunity to be courageous and meet ‘yourself’ intimately. Our deepest challenges can never be solved from outside of ourselves, but have the power to be transformed when we re-focus our attention from our outer world to a direct experience of our inner world.

And so, I invite you, not to believe what I say as truth, but with an open mind and heart, allow Your Divine Perfume to be a guide for you to experience your own personal journey to love through the heart of a Rose. As the perceived obstacles you face are welcomed and viewed from a new perspective, a river of love will begin to flow within you, bringing unimaginable gifts of joy, peace and compassion.


The only difference between you and me
Is you have a mind and I can just be
Springing from darkness, the void of all life
My purpose is simply to move toward light

My roots in the darkness sap goodness to me
As I dance in the garden of eternity
My darkness deepens as I move through to light
My momentum building the music of life

In releasing my essence, my godliest part
The notes of my fragrance give song to my heart
As I dance with my shadow I sparkle with light
And the world rejoices in utter delight

So befriend your darkness and waltz by my side
Learning the steps to embrace all of life
Don’t get lost in your shadow, judging and sad
But hug yourself; love your self, good and bad

Know that choice is your ally and master at hand
In igniting your heart to say yes I can
Your awareness and grace will wipe the slate clean
Bringing great wisdom for living your dreams

the heavenly fragrance of a Rose
belies the essence of your own heart

activated by love 

-carol phillips-


Self-Awareness Process

Who am I? Why am I here? What is my mission? What is my plan of action to accomplish my mission? What I have come to understand is that only when we are detached from our true nature can we ask such questions. It is perfect of course; this is the paradox of life. We must go out in order to come back to ourselves. We must first experience who we are not before we can experience who we are! The outward projection of the mind represents our worldly persona, our given identity, but not our true essence or the seed of potential that lies deep within our being. To realise our truest potential, we must turn the mirror around to face itself, the space where our own seed of love is hidden and nourish it with the presence of our attention, so that it can begin to sprout. As we commit to an ‘effortless’ effort and trust, our inner flowering begins, simultaneously freeing us from the shackles of our worldly conditioned behaviours.

The Rose reminds us that we already know who we are, but in order to see this we must let-go of the attachment to our thoughts, and move to the feelings of our heart. We must be prepared to give up the idea of “knowing” through the eyes of others and the collective world in order to truly “know” from our own direct inner experience. In understanding this, how might we reframe those questions? In my experience, the following questions have been infinitely more revealing; What is this situation trying to show and teach me? When in judgement I ask: Where have I, or do I do that? Looking through the eyes of another: If I were him or her, knowing what I know, how would I see myself? How do I consciously choose to respond to the situations I find myself in? What fills me with joy? What breaks my heart? How can I add value to humanity with my gifts? How can I best use my gifts for the good of all? These are deeply revealing questions and some of them can trigger our personal identity, which truly is only make believe, to react or close down rather than bear the brunt of our own self-judgement, shame and guilt. Being compassionate with ourselves is equally as important as offering it to others. Understanding that we are no different from anyone else in that we are all experiencing the same reality is important and helpful. I simply ask these questions from a deep and courageous willingness to see the truth, no matter what it is, and then I let go of having to find the answers. The answers always arrive, sometimes instantly, sometimes unexpectedly, with a feeling of compassion or a deeply inspired feeling to act, or sometimes both. Our seed of potential already holds our mission; we just have to get out of the way and let go of identifying with the thought mechanism of the mind. It is a very subtle shift but one that is enormously life-changing because it is the voice of our soul and it knows the truest truth… the truth that we “ARE” the love and fulfilment we desire… but in order to recognise it, we must turn our attention inward rather than outward. Paradoxically again, when we are prepared to see our own darkness and take responsibility for it, blessings are showered within and upon us from every direction. From this place we find that we simply give and love without any conditions or expectation of receiving in return. This is divine based living as opposed to living through the exhausting tyranny of identifying with our thoughts and unconsciously manipulating our environment to achieve what we want or “think” we don’t have. When we “experience” that we already are the love we are seeking, in spite of what our thoughts convey, the fear subsides and we simply love and serve with an open heart, receiving an infinite abundance of contentment, peace and joy.

As I mention throughout this book, returning to nature and her intelligence, is a profoundly simple, yet formidable step we can take to bring us back home to ourselves and to align with fulfilling our truest potential. In the silent presence of the Rose frequency, we are nurtured and uplifted; she helps us to surrender and let go of having to control our lives, or find answers to our problems. In this let go, we allow the answers to find us, to penetrate us and begin singing the most beautiful song that only our own heart can sing in this world.

If you would love to experience your true essence through a guided meditation, please go to where you can listen to the meditation, "Your Divine Perfume”. This will support you on a daily basis to let go, trust and 'remember' who you are.

Be brave, be patient, be tenacious and believe wholeheartedly, that your commitment will bring you face to face with the delicious, dancing, loving essence that you are.

To enhance your meditation experience, put a few drops of Pure Rose Oil in a diffuser next to you or you may want to relax in a Rose bath for a real treat.

Don’t forget to jot down any insights or inspired actions in the space provided or in your personal journal.


Apart from the desire to share and inspire others with my own personal experience, my deeper purpose in writing this book has been to re-introduce you to something we all intrinsically know; the healing gift of nature. Alongside this, my aim has been to provide a variety of perspectives and insights to support you in expanding your own awareness. The exercises help guide you through your struggles, frustrations, judgements and powerlessness, into knowing that life is waiting, waiting for ‘you’ to go within and gain the ultimate prize of yourself. Becoming an observer of our experience is the first step in regaining our power. When we understand that our perception of every circumstance or event that has happened or is happening, is mirroring back to us, in every moment, what is occurring in our own inner world, we have a powerful opportunity to break free from our own ignorance and self-imposed imprisonment. In these moments of discovery, our past “reactions” of victimhood transform into present moment “responses” of liberation.

As we face and unravel our stories and the false truths or beliefs we hold about ourselves, we find a crystal clear clarity emerging and our intentions are enlivened with a new freedom and a sense of compassion and purpose. As we bring acceptance and new meaning to our old stories, we notice that joy and love are our best friends rather than fear and suffering. Use the processes here often and create your own too, that work for you personally; play and learn and, above all, realise that you are both the student and your own teacher. This is called, self-responsibility! Become aware of your own moral compass and start guiding it by making conscious choices that benefit not only yourself, but everyone else too. Take your eyes off of the outside world as often as you can and point them towards the empty void within yourself where everything emerges, because therein lay the gold nuggets you are seeking. Paradoxically, know that whatever is showing up in your seemingly personal reality is being created by yourself and others collectively, so how you respond WILL influence not only your own wellbeing, but the greater good also, often beyond what you can see physically. Stop fighting with yourself and others and choose to be a force of self-responsibility and sacred love, because ultimately this is what is going to save our beautiful planet and all who have the privilege of being here. Remember to ask for help, stay alert and keep walking your path. Above all, value the traits of self-compassion and patience and all will be revealed.

Embracing the healing nature and beauty of the Rose, and bringing her into our daily lives reminds us of our own mystery, purity, beauty and goodness and supports us in relaxing and remembering our own personal truth. Her vibrational frequency has the power to dissolve the fear we are feeling, bringing our emotions into balance. As we nourish the bud within our heart and allow it to blossom in all its glory, our inner fragrance and wellbeing shifts dramatically and we begin contributing to others and the world in a whole new and wonderful way. I couldn’t think of a better friend and ally to have. Play with her, create with her and relax with her. If you allow it, she will serve you beautifully.

Practise the art of forgiveness for yourself and others with the forgiveness exercise. As you utter these words of healing vibration, your journey home begins, and in so doing, you heal your heart and open it to new levels of serenity and joy.

There is only one requirement asked of us on this journey, and that is having the courage and willingness to be truthful with “ourselves” and take ownership and responsibility for whatever has or is happening in our experience. Sometimes we have truly been a victim through events outside of our control, but remember that the gold nuggets then lay in how we choose to ‘respond’ to what has happened. If we choose blame and hatred we cannot release ourselves from the suffering, but if we are willing to expand our viewpoint and choose acceptance and love, we will be released from the tyranny of victimhood and can use our energy in a meaningful way.

At this point, I would love to congratulate you, because having this book in your presence and arriving at this page, signifies that you are ready and willing to own your life and be responsible for where it takes you. You will be happy to know that you have already dealt with the most difficult part of your journey, saying YES! This, in itself, is GREATNESS! Keep dancing with life, keep growing and keep going! Embrace and love every part of what makes you who you are, and live from NOW.

I wish you many glorious new beginnings!

Keep dancing!